Principle Centered Living — March Shows

Principle Centered Living Radio kicked off its first month with Dr. Faith W. Smalls, as she spoke about Women’s History Month and the Trump administration. Rev. Deborah D. Jenkins shared her perspectives on women clergy. Later in the month, Rev. Dr. Robert A. Smith, Jr. talked about key women in his life, then discussed his book, “Flying with Broken Wings”. Wrapping up the month, Rev. Grace Emanuel shared information on domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Here are episodes of our March Shows

March 25, 2017

Guest: Rev. Grace Emanuel, Executive Minister/ Minister of Christian Education, Co-op City Baptist Church.

Topic: Domestic abuse and sexual assault; counseling for these traumatic events

March 18, 2017

Guest: Rev. Dr. Robert A. Smith, Jr., Retired Pastor, Church of the Savior

Topic: The greatness of women, key women in his life, and his book, “Flying with Broken Wings”

March 11, 2017

Guest: Rev. Deborah D. Jenkins, Co-Pastor, Faith @ Work Christian Church

Topic: Women pastors: the trials and triumphs

March 4, 2017

Guests: Dr. Faith W. Smalls, President, Long Ridge Grant Proposals;
Jermaine Antonetty, student

First show. Overview of the program and its purpose.

Topic: The importance of Women’s History Month, particularly in the era of President Donald Trump. Mr. Antonetty sang.